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When you are in over your head with debt, it may appear impossible to pay the bills or to keep up with the crushing amount of credit that you have taken out and used. Bankruptcy fears can loom high, and tax season does not help matters as the IRS does not really care whether you have spent all of your income or not. From taxes to bills to other consumer issues, your credit card debt or other debt can put a serious hindrance on your life and may even lead to legal action against you. That is why there are federal debt consolidation services for those who are truly in need.Applying for federal debt consolidation services (not to be confused with the private company by the same name) is often less expensive than applying for a regular debt consolidation service, as the government is more focused on stabilizing you than on making a profit off of you. They will help to negotiate your interest rates with your current debtors, helping you not only to stop unwanted phone calls but also to make one, lower payment to the government. The government will then disperse the money to your creditors for you, saving you the trouble of writing so many checks and of trying to negotiate your interest rates on your own.This consumer service by the government can be a huge help when you need help with military debt consolidation or consumer debt consolidation. It can provide you with the relief that you need to get back on your feet, as long as you are careful to stop charging money to your credit cards (this includes emergencies). Set aside a little bit for emergencies, then dedicate yourself to getting rid of the debt, and you will find that you are in a much healthier place financially than you could have imagined before.